About Me

I was put on this Earth to do big things and help other amazing women do the same. Hailing from the chilly north, I am proud to call Canada my home. Having previously published 4 novels, including one science fiction and three children’s books, I recently published my non-fiction piece written specifically to help aspiring authors navigate the sticky world of publishing. With a unique experience of what it takes to publish a book in this day and age as an entrepreneur looking to make waves, I am here and ready to spread my message and knowledge.  

Over the last few years, I have interviewed over 100+ authors, experts & thought leaders about how the publishing world is making room for indie authors. There is a storm brewing and entrepreneurs on the verge of calling themselves authors are ready to take control of their marketing and own their credibility. It’s time to pull the curtain back on the publishing world and help entrepreneurs step onto the publishing stage.

What topics do I speak about:

Here are my top 6 topics:

How to use a book to grow your business
3 steps to take to start writing your book today
How a book can serve you professionally and personally
How to connect on a deeper level with your ideal client
Writing a book that actually earns you money
How to get your book on the best seller lists

What is my methodology behind writing a book?

There are four pillars: writing, editing, marketing and publishing. I cover them all in my coaching. Without one, the others fail.

No one covers it all quite like this. The unique combination of the four pillars sets authors up for outstanding success.

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